India Small – Mid Cap Growth Companies Conference

29th - 30th June, 2018, Mumbai

What is India Small – Mid Cap Growth Companies Conference

Where the Investors meet Business - Strengthening Indian Markets

Investicon annual 2-day conference brings together executives from over 200+ private and public growth companies in India at the beginning of the year. The event is designed to provide investors with a unique opportunity to gain insight into small and mid-cap growth companies across a variety of sectors, including Business Services, Consumer, Cleantech, Solar & Industrial Growth, Healthcare, Resources, Technology, Internet & Media.We combine company presentations, Q&A sessions, expert panels and management one-on-one meetings to provide institutional clients with extensive interaction with senior management to gain in-depth insights into each company.The conference provides a rich environment for business development opportunities and is a powerful and effective marketing platform targeting key decision makers in the small and mid-cap space

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