Well, most investors will have little idea about mutual funds when they are trying to invest in companies. In that case, mutual funds is a company where the people will invest their money in stocks, bonds or short-term debt for getting a good amount of money in return. You can invest the money in companies where they will give high interests rate that has a reputation when it comes to top performing mutual fund India and benefit the people for the long term. Below are the best mutual funds to invest in India.

Axis Bluechip Fund

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The Axis Bluechip Fund came into the market in the year 2010 and emerged big as large-cap funds in the previous year. Since the outperformance, the company has managed to hold its performance at top and set its benchmark for the 1-year returns.  So, as a large-cap fund, the company will hold 80% of the assets in India’s big companies and able to give a solid foundation to the mutual funds.

Franklin India Prima Fund

Recently the company completed its 25 years of existence into the mutual fund’s sector. During the course of time, the company is able to provide an amazing 17.01% Interest to people. On the other way around, if the people had invested 1 lakhs in 1993 then they will get around 59.04 lakhs. So, people will be lucky that they would a huge amount of interest after retiring. Still, the company has continued to deliver its returns at a high rate in the last few years.  Also, the Franklin India Prima fund is considered as the top performing mutual fund India.

HDFC Small Cap Fund

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 The HDFC Small Cap Fund will display eye-popping performance of late and in the past few years, the fund contained losses at around 18% when compared to 26% losses on its benchmark. Despite the loss, the fund is able to manage its 5-year CAGR at 12.36% outperforming its benchmark.  As of now, the fund does not have any significant cash component about its growth in mid and small-cap space.

There are few other companies where people can invest in the long term and get a good interest in return. However, the above companies are the top performing mutual fund India which is safe for investing and get a good benefit from these. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best mutual funds to invest in India. Thanks for reading!

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